Tuesday, September 5, 2017

NEET - Anitha's Suicide

NEET - Anitha's Suicide - Should make Government think on better implementation. 

1. Dalit Card: Media and few extremists are using Dalit's card in this matter. This is totally irrelevant.  

2. New Process: People need atleast 2 years (considering 11th and 12th) for the process change. Of course there has been a talk on this for more than 2 years but time has to be given between taking decision and implementation. There is a difference between board exams and competitive exams. Hope this is clearly understood by everyone. Syllabus is one issue but type of exam is the key issue.

e.g. In States like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka students are used to prepare for CET but for Tamilnadu it is a big change in the process.

Question is to TamilNadu government on what measures have been taken to ensure their students are not affected with the new process.

3. Competitive Exams - Costly - This is something that poor and rural population can't afford. Government colleges don't provide any facilities for preparing for Competitive Exams. At least the private colleges should encourage the not-affordable students on the basis of merit. This will in turn benefit the profit making education institutes.

There are always exceptions, where a rural student with no coaching cracks IIT or Medical with hardly any preparation. Lets not dilute the core issue by bringing these exceptions.

It is never ending debate if NEET is good or not. The problem lies with the Government's role in implementation. Taking life is never a solution and this child who lost her life also would have had no mentors to guide her. It is unfortunate.

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