Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Minneapolis - A beautiful home town

On the way, during my transit from Minneapolis to India, I became little emotional for Minneapolis, as this is the place I lived continuously more than any other place in my life except my home town chittoor ( place in South India ).

I got smitten by this place within few days I started living here. The beauty lies in the climate. The changing seasons of the year influence the lives of people and their habits.
What you wear, what you eat, what you do on weekends, where you go on vacations, and when you leave to work and come back home, all changes for every season and I am in love with this changing life style. Like the deciduous trees of this land from spring to another spring, so like the people’s life styles too. It is real feast to my eyes when I enjoy the first snow of every year or when I go into woods for enjoying the fall colors on the side of Lake Supreme.

This twin cities is one of the major metropolitan area in United States, a lot of opportunities, yummy restaurants, multiple cultures, lovely people and yet doesn’t get bitten too much by the downsides of big cities like crowd, crime and pollution. You can take a night walk in the streets of downtown unnerved, jog any time in the day, on the banks of one of the 10,000 lakes around you, visit any attraction and enjoy the beauty without getting irritated by traffic, long queues or suffocate in the crowd.

Personally, I loved the three years I have lived in this place and enjoyed most of the delicious offers it made. For foreigners who love snow and love living in a positive blend of urban and rural lifestyles, this is the right place.

Hope to be back to Minneapolis very soon..

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