Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beyond Lokpal

We can now conclude that Lokpal (Anna’s and Govt. Version) is not fully ready to implement. The focus should be on making it stronger but the bad and the immature analysts are side tracking it. Congress Government is trying to focus only on some of the loopholes of Anna’s Version. It is getting into an argument by saying Anna’s team is trying to break democracy and also holding on a point that they are the elected members of the state and the only representatives of making and breaking the laws. On the other side, we have the well educated prime minister ever in this world cracking some jokes in his I-day Speech about tackling corruption and being inefficient. I don’t see Rahul or Sonia these days on media when the entire nation is waiting for them to react. Congress as per me is at one of the most awkward predicament ever in their history.

The director Mr Sekhar Kammula conveys an important point in his movie ‘Leader’. The CM (Hero), who happens to be the only good person in the ruling party wants to make a change and introduces a bill which directly affects the bribe revenues of the elected members. The bill is not passed and the CM has to make an amendment to exempt the elected members of the house in the purview of the bill.  This is exactly the situation now. This is the extreme state of a corrupt democracy. This is a vicious cycle. The problem lies in the ethics of people. Whatever laws are made, if the morality doesn’t exist, new laws like Lokpal will end corrupt at a jet speed.

Policing is one of the solutions and addresses part of the problem. In this perspective, bills like Lokpal will bring some corrupt people to jail for certain period of time. This is definitely better than nothing.

In one of the debates in the television channel, I heard an important point that people are now on the streets because they are frustrated with the Government, politicians and the corrupt system and not just for Lokpal. All the protesters may not even know the technical aspects of Lokpal. I agree completely to these statements. There are multiple problems today in India like poverty, inflation, lack of infrastructure etc and people never found a glimpse of hope in any leader/Party until Anna was on RamLila Maidan for Lokpal. Anna’s start stirred up the mood of the people, exposed many irregularities in the Government, embarrassed many corrupt leaders and cautioned many upcoming corrupt leaders. People clearly are expressing that they need a change. Analysts, oppositions and media speculate on this word ‘change’. Some call it change in democracy, some call it change in Government, some call it change in rules and regulations (Lokpal) and some call it as some damn thing but the point is very clear on change and people’s acute pain.

Some analysts made unfair statements on street movements by saying that there should be a strategic approach. This is a joke again. A strategic approach will be made only if the Government buys in the idea of change. Street movements, mass protests, hunger strikes are the weapons of the people to express their freedom when they lose confidence in the system and the people who run the system. It is up to the Government to decide how fast they react before the movement becomes revolution and creates more convolutions.

I see this movement as a starting point to many more until we see new noble blood in our cabinet. I hope this people movement goes beyond Lokpal and touches the insight of many citizens and brings in new leaders to Save our Dear India. Anna’s movement looks direction less now and is fraught with a danger for its existence. Strategists behind Anna’s movement should start taking careful steps in their actions and speech as it is going to face many testing times and we all should give our contributions and strive hard to deliver a positive change.

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  1. Well said Praveen.
    People like also should get involved in politics to make India better. And every civilian shall participate in decision making by casting their vote to right candidate. Then definitely we can see the change.